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Thanks for the bump to this thread.

Originally Posted by Beau View Post
When I first read the title of your thread I thought this might be about the vapor carburetor/turbo arrangement Smokey Yunick experimented (with rather spectacular results).
And welcome to the thread. But, the Smokey Yunick Engine has been discussed in other threads. Do a search and you should be able to find some. Also, some of our members have done on-going work that directly or indirectly touches on the subject. Iveyjh and PfgPro have posts on similar conceptual work, whether they know it or not.

Oil Pan4's work is less esoteric and more practical and less about over all fuel economy and more about cold weather drive ability and economy.

And thanks for the link to the Engineering Tips discussion. I was involved in that years ago and it bore some fruit if you have the background and temperament to dig through it all.

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