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Oh, and about the alternator use:
Yeah, I'm trying to put in my fuel-log the approximate percentage of time that the alternator is unbelted.

And about technique vs. mods:
My mods have definately helped out a lot, but as a percentage, technique is more important. Without doing any P&G or EOC (just watching the 'Guino) I was able to pull 63mpg passing through Wyoming at about 65mph. That could have been MUCH worse without watching the 'Guino.

I've let my wife drive a few times (I belive I noted that in my fuel log) and she (the non-hypermiler) got abysmal mileage, somewhere south of 50mpg.

And a note about cx/vx's and P&G:
P&G has never worked for me. Not once. It seems everyone has their theory as to why this is so, tall tranny ratios, Honda engine magic, etc...
All I know is that my car likes constant throttle at light loads, but not too light of a load. I discovered a month or so ago that my "target" speed for best MPG has been too low.
55mph just won't cut it. On the highway my mileage is best when my speed is between 60-65mph depending on the wind direction. Unless I'm driving into a strong headwind, 65mph is my new "target" speed. I'd have never known if not for the MPGuino.
"I got 350 heads on a 305 engine. I get 10 miles to the gallon. I ain't got no good intentions." - The Drive By Truckers.

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