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We can toss the new files up whenever in a new branch. the 0.1 will still be the "official" until we actually commit the new branch and make the new release the "official" version. That's why Git is cool: we can muck around with the branch all we want and put in all the iterative changes as they happen without ruining the solid code base.

Let's make sure not to forget the other documents either! Schematics, BOMs etc. can all be on there too, Git doesn't just handle code! It would also help if we could get some general system architecture explanations in the READMEs.

Lastly, I can also set up a repo for the different DC projects, I'll start hitting up those threads too. Open ReVolt is way too cool for the outdated wiki it has! I had seen the wiki before but t gave me the wrong impression of how mature the project was.
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