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I just refurbished an IMA battery for my 2003 civic hybrid. Upon installing it in my car I have the same two codes present: PP1637 and P1569.
Also, the IMA and BATTERY lights are on. If I rev the engine the BATTERY light goes out, which I am aware will happen. The bars of charge are full. We took the car for a ride up a long hill that should have depleted the battery and then refilled it on the way back down. But the car appeared not to recognize the battery because the level of charge never changed and there was no assist.
This battery also had a modification to it that I noticed when dissassembling it. Upon taking off the end where the electronics are attached, I noticed one of the orange wires was no longer connected to a PTC strip. It appeared it was cut. Thinking this was done by a previous owner we reconnected it. I now know that this cut wire was a technical buletin update to the battery so will disconnect later today.

Does anyone have any ideas on why my system did not recognize the refurbished battery? The only other info I can think of sharing right now is that the battery went into the car right after the final top off of each stick. So it went in at 168Volts. I also swapped in around 10 sticks from another battery I recently purchased. All sticks were individually discharged and charged several times prior to assembly.
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