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Help! I get code p1432 after installing good battery pack!

Hello, new guy here. I bought a 2004 civic hybrid with rocketship milleage of 244,375 miles. The IMA and check engine light would come on even after resets with code p1433 battery deterioration. I bought a grid charger and canrged it several times to a peak of 179 volts, which I thought is was high but I don't know. The grid charging helped but when it came time for the battery to discharge and recharge in use the p1433 code would pop up.
I bought a "good" battery from the salvage yard and after installing it I would get an instant IMA light and I could hear the relays witching off. Code P1432 (Cell overheating '04) and code P1433 ( battery pack deteriotation) plus the mandatory check engine 01600.

I took out the "good" battery and set it to the side. but after reading this thread I figure it may have something to do with the cut wires but don't know.

The previous owner had cats and dogs and a blanket of fur formed in the upper row of sticks the original battery so I figure I'd clean it and put it back in since it still charges and assists with the IMA light on and still helps get 38.7 mpgs

With some luck the P1433 was the battery not geting enough air flow. I'll find out when I drive it tomorow.
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