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Hi S Keith. Thanks for replying. Here is my updated information. I disconnected the red wire that I had originally found 'cut'. I put the battery back into the car. Upon starting the car there were no lights - no BAT light, no IMA light and no CEL. I let the car idle until the SoC meter was full. I then took the car for a drive. As soon as I called for assist, the CEL and IMA lights came on together. The BAT light did not come back on during my 1/2 hour drive. When I drove, it took the car up a hill and back down twice. Each round trip drained the IMA battery going up and filled it going down. However, I noticed on those round trips, and while driving around town afterwoods, that there was a behavior difference in how the system worked. There really was no assist, as I never saw much on the gauge and could only occasionally perhaps feel the extra umph. Also there was no regenerative braking. Whenever the charge lights would show bars, it was never more than 5. Even when braking going downhill on the hill I spoke of earlier. Finally, the SoC bars would go down and up even though there was no call for assist or for reason to charge. IT would be a slow motion type thing but was occurring.
The good news is that the BAT light is out. Makes it easier to test drive! Next I brought in the Honda Dealer for a discussion. I am curious as to whether the car needs a computer flash. Oh, by the way, the codes I now have are P1600 and P1449. So they changed after disconnecting the red wire from the PTC strips.
Anyway, the dealer said he would be willing to flash the computer. Since I have the carfax from when I bought the car, I checked it to see if the computer had ever been flashed before. There is no record of such an update. The dealer said he would need information regarding what battery I put in the car - such as the year of civic the battery came from, because there were a number of updates to the software. There would be a cost for flashing and he wanted to get the right version of the software so he did not have to charge for a lot of hours.
I explained that I had used the original case from our car but may have put a cover on it from another donor battery. He asked if I would be willing to put the original cover on and I agreed. I also am going to drive the car some more and wait for your reply to see if you have ideas on eliminating the two codes or if you think the flash of the computer is the path to go down.
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