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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Ya, there's a new board that has voltage monitoring and CAN, etc. Is that what you mean? I know some people in Sweden redid the schematic so it wasn't just for converting to a PCB, but for people reading and understanding it. I can't attach it here since it's over 1Mb.
Yes, if that's the latest and greatest then it's precisely what I want! this is a good chance for github practice for you dear sir! You should do the following:

1) Make github account.
2) Make a branch of the repository I started.
3) Add the new schematics and delete/rename the old one.
4) Merge the new branch.
5) I'll approve it and it's official.

...or PM me for my e-mail address and I can handle it! Either way is fine.

My overall goal is to get testing and documentation all caught up with where development really is. Again, the available resources really undersell just how mature this project is. I don't want people missing out because they have to sort through hundreds of forum pages to get good info. Once the repo looks solid enough, i'll start trying to update the wiki too.


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