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IMHO, grease doesn't mean jack, unless you use the wrong stuff!
I agree,
I appreciate the effort but this will be immeasurably small advantage
but there is potentially a lot at stake - like not rolling - that has to hurt FE
I would go with the first one and call it good.

Or just take the LGMT3 (the standard one which is a third less expensive than the low temp LGLT2) and mix a bit of low viscosity oil with it?
sounds risky to mix this sort of thing - it will not give you an average viscosity
you are likely to just get two lubricates still separate but swimming together

also when considering temp is not just rolling friction temps.
It is the temps generated you emergency stop from highways speed
or if you have to ride the breaks a bit on a long decent in the mountains.
you sure don't want to it to start drooling out the side of the bearing

I would like to hear what an engineer in this area thinks they can do for you
----Especially if it is Moose Drool
Start where you are - Use what you have - Do what you can.
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