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Question on possibly buying a 2001 Honda Insight Hybrid

Hey I finally found one for sale in my town and I know how hard these are to fine and I thought this would be best place to ask questions and get some answers. Anyways its a 2001 honda insight hybrid manual transmission around 150 thousand miles has custom leather seats and apparently the hybrid battery is bad but it gets about 48 mpg without it and I guess its turbo to which I wasnt aware they had that option on the hybrid. So my questions are what does a replacment battery cost? I thought I read on here somewhere theres a guy that you can send them to taht repairs them cheaper then buying a new one? Also what things do I want to look for to see that it still has and price there asking 2400 and apperently its been and a barn for 3 years and hes selling it for the owner. Im thinking 2400 is to high since the battery is bad but I dont know. Any help would be most appreciated.

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