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I found even my old 9 to 1 Si got much better mileage with shell premium.Going up mountains with a good load would pull back the timing on regular...which really hurt mileage.
The 2013 Si is a normally aspirated 2.4 liter DOHC engine with a 87mm bore and 99mm stroke.It requires a minimum of 91 octane.It is port fuel injected.The new direct injection versions of this engine in the Acura TLX are 11.6 to 1.
Technique used is allowing speed to drop off slowly approaching summits, but not more than 5 mph.Using absolute minimum throttle opening and no rapid speed changes...and very little if any brake use except on long very steep grades.

The transmission is a manual 6 speed...but 6th gear is a nice overdrive.Traffic requires braking when people pull in front of you or suddenly slow...this precludes achieving best results.
I tried to drive "normally" today and used WOT 4 times in 256 miles of driving.It got down to 37mpg which caused me to revert to mr hill anticipation and super smooth mode...and the tank ended at 40mpg.Very high head winds today too.

I brought the car home this past I am just getting to know her.Fast and efficient car...I wonder where 31 epa highway comes from?I guess if I alternated between throttle and brakes I could do worse...
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