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Simple (and practical) streamlining?

Last night I left work on my Lifan 125-powered Honda C-70 Passport and in a hurry to get home to watch the Isle of Man TT races decided to risk life and limb and take the loop interstate home (55 MPH speed limit). I got the bike up to a "normal" fast cruising speed of around 50 and decided to tuck in and see how much that helped. Amazingly despite the CRF-80 fender, floppy jacket and other wind catching things on the bike it immediately and easily went to 55 getting as high as 58 without running full throttle.

The trip home went well but it got me thinking. If something as simple as tucking down on the bike helped this much I wonder what other things I could do to it to improve both it's cruising speed and, as a side benefit, gas mileage.

I've seen the Vetter economy run bikes firsthand and I'm not sure I want to build a full streamliner so much as I'd like to make what I have slicker.

My question to you--how much do things like spoke covers (like used on Bonneville bikes) help streamline a bike? Any other ideas on relatively simple and easy to create modifications that would actually give me some real world results?

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