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Originally Posted by t vago View Post
26280 is really, really high. You will want to place a frequency divider between your VSS signal output and the MPGuino.

Something like this:

Yah, they're the same. I was going off an early MPGuino code version. What version of MPGuino code do you have?

Hehe yeah okay, really really high.

Yeah, I just noticed this guy had similar problem
and he was to do a divider aswell, but no conclusion.

Hmm... is this something that can be bought somewhere pre-built?, I tried to do a search, but either i am not using the right words, or then it is rare.

If i am to solder myself then i need a really detailed plan. Soldering no problem, but schematics not my strongest side.

In another thread on a Alfa romeo site i found this, but it is an more expensive option.
Universal Speedometer Signal Interface

Where do i see the code version?, on the unit itself?.

Thanks again .
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