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Originally Posted by Natalya View Post
Would a possible work-around be sticking an air hose from the cat to the resonator?
I'm 99% sure it would not. The resonator is a sealed chamber. The tube is a specific size and length to that chamber as well. Intake systems works much like sound, with specific sizes and lengths and such that are most efficient at a specific frequency. The engine RPM defines that frequency. The only consistent thing by replacing that resonator hose with another to anything is the distance down that intake pipe it gets connected, which should be one of those factors. It takes a smarter person than myself to understand it all, though.

There's been dyno tests done with various lengths of intake tubing, finding that the longer, the more low end you get. Finding the perfect length for the perfect RPM bump... not really sure how to do that other than trial and error.

As for my drive this morning, the intake temps didn't get over 85*, so definitely not doing as much as I hoped (my drive is only 3-1/2 miles, though. I did hit full engine warmth in that first mile). The aluminum intake tubing is touching the cat shield, so it can't get a whole lot closer. Maybe take out a hole in the cat shield and having it pull from there?
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