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If you could find reverse screws and nuts, and kept track of the placement, you could install them so that they are always being tightened when the tires roll in the forward direction.
Well I'm already committed - the epoxy is set... wait a minute!
you are right - pause... running out and inspecting truck...

- the Right and side will want to tightening during breaking and the left on Acceleration.
that would explain my LH front is "clicking" during breaking
and I'm sure I'm breaking harder than accelerating
need to watch the LH for loosening and the RH too - for tightening
could crush covers or puncture my Right front bearing cap that is just under the hub cover

the wheel weights should protect me from too much movement but...
I think I will mark the screw to the cover - so I can note any relative movement easily
and I'll just replace Left front - it is a bit warped anyway - A-B-A-B-A... was hard on the thin covers

Thanks cfg83
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