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So at the recommendation of the people on IC I got a ScanGauge to measure my engine temperature. Check out the clean install I was able to do.

The wire is run through the cigarette lighter plug. I never use it for anything so I popped out the metal part which lets the CAT5 cable the SG uses fit through the opening. I used velcro to affix the gauge to the panel.

I think I'll use the thermometer thing I have to measure air temps at the intake now that the ScanGauge is giving me the water temperature.

Also, I removed my DRL fuse (Canadian car) so I don't have those running anymore. I did want some exterior illumination though (for safety) so now I drive with my lights set to the first position where the headlights are off, but the tail lights are illuminated and the little driving lights up front are going. I have LEDs for both of those so power consumption is probably still pretty low.

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