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Yes! That's about what I found as well. I can basically keep it in lean burn as long as I don't let the real-time MPG gauge go a dot under 75MPG. If it does, it knocks out immediately. I usually keep it 1 dot above, especially going up hills, for a bit of hear room. Oh, and once it hits 29mph in 5th, it drops out as well, it seems.

I'm also unsure of what to do when the purge happens. Do you guys pull off a little to compensate, then get it back in once purge is done? Or just enjoy the little bump in speed? (Because, since I only get lean burn going that long on the highway, I usually can use it!)

Oh, and for the warm-air-intake... Heat of the day, I was pulling 120*F on the highway with it. Cooler night time air was doing around 105*F. Not a bad start, but I think a custom cat shield will need to be done soon that pulls air through some heat sink fins, but I'll want some adjustability to mix cool air and find the proper temps. I'll put that in the "to-do" list. lol
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