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Thread hijack...

So NoD~ I thought your brake lights were cool and I bought the same ones off Amazon. But today I noticed some electrical issues while driving, and as it turns out a my brake light fuse was blown. When I inspected my brake lights I found this:

One of my brake lights evidently short circuited and set on fire and broke at its base. The wiring harness also got melted a little bit. If you notice your brake lights aren't working and you've got a blown fuse, check the lights, one of them might have melted.


In other news, I got a Scan Gauge finally, and I'm using it to look at engine temperature. My water temperature gets to about 195F pretty fast (within 3 miles usually) and simply stays there when I'm driving. I once saw 202F going up a big a hill in 3rd, and when I'm coasting it might go down to 193F but those are the operating temps. If you haven't checked your engine thermostat or to see if the rad fan is always on it might be worth it.

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