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How would the GV unit work on a 4x4 truck? Those things were originally designed to let vintage hot rods and muscle cars with 4.56 gears and 1:1 top ratio transmissions operate in excess of 50mph without deafening anyone. All those vehicles had long-tailshaft transmissions and RWD only. Every 4x4 truck I know of has a short-tailshaft transmission going into the transfer case. Tacking the GV onto the rear output of the transfer case might cause some safety concerns while in 4wd.

Pretty much all the cost comes from the GV unit. I think you overestimated cost on the tonneau, the tires, the tranny mods and the alignment but underestimated the Mooneyes cost (since at above 15" size you have to screw-mount which requires modding your rims and re-mounting tires). Drop the GV and add in more gauges (the wheel nut wasn't tightened enough in your original project) you'll wind up with about the same mpg improvement with a cost of about $3000.

I hear you on truck configuration, mine's a 1/2-ton 4x2 V8 5spd. When I bought it at the tail-end of the 2002 model year there were only 2 in the state of GA where I lived at the time and only 5 more within a 1000 mile radius (including both 2002 and 2003 MY trucks).
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