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I originally posted this in the wrong place (you have to bear with us old guys - we have "sometimers" moments) so i will move it here and hope it is in the right place now

How old am i? well i was born on September 13 - 1938 - so i guess that makes me 69 years 326 days old (funny seems longer than that) the month i turned 14 years old i got a job on a farm 2 states away and never moved back home - been on my own ever since. Worked lots of jobs in my lifetime, from mechanic to construction - from stunt man to teacher - professional racer - sailor - computer designer to truck driver - you name it and i have most likely worked in that field - As they say "jack of all trades - master of none" - I have lived a long and busy life and enjoyed every minute of it (well except for that day in 1952 <g>) I still enjoy life and try every day to learn something new.
Hope that answers your question <lol>
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