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what to tell

Originally Posted by samwichse View Post
By industry people, you mean Bob Lutz says it. Bob Lutz who was removed from GM's leadership shortly after they went bankrupt and had to be bailed out, and who to this day is an AGW denier? Bob Lutz who loves only high-margin SUVs and other gassers?

Not who I would be going to for real industry advice.

I don't know what to tell you. I posted Tesla's gross margin, which is very high for the industry. But you're still going back to a failed executive -- who has a noted axe to grind about CAFE standards -- statement that Tesla is losing money on each car they sell.

Source for margins I posted:
How Tesla Motors Could Be Profitable if It Wanted To -- The Motley Fool
Bob Lutz says he has the highest opinion of Elon Musk.The bean-counters,who derive statistical quanta after bench-marking Musk's
cars are the one's whom see trouble ahead.
The federal tax credits for EVs ends after 200,000 units sold.
Elon Musk figures that the average sale for the Tesla-3 will be $43,000.GM and NISSAN are directly competing for Tesla's cult followers.
Selling Volts,Bolts ,and Jolts at a loss will allow GM to sell more high-profit gas-guzzling crossovers and SUVs.NISSAN as well.
Automakers have a legal,fiduciary responsibility to pay the highest dividend to the shareholder.Selling EVs at a loss is a way to ultimately make profits.
Your retired kindergarten teacher's pension fund income likely comes from profits derived by predatory automotive and oil corporate practices.
I'm not a fan of Mr.Lutz,nor an apologist,but he does share information which doesn't seem to surface elsewhere.
If information leads to knowledge,and knowledge leads to power,I'm open to all sources,even if I don't particularly respect the messenger.
I don't know what Tesla's 'net' numbers look like.
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