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Yeah I love my phone and what not, but I at least put it down when outside conditions change (tail gater, people in the lane beside me, stop light turns green, etc...). For the most part I only use it when I just have to. For the last month and a half I've filled out about 150 pages of personal info and been talking back and forth with the bank to buy a house. Good lord they want info on everything I own and every single piece of info about me in triplicate from me, the place where it comes from, and forms from the government. Count yourself lucky if you bought your house pre 2007. Basically if I miss a payment they take everything I own.
Even stranger part is my co-signer has perfect credit and enough money in that bank to buy the house a couple times over...
"I feel like the bad decisions come into play when you trade too much of your time for money paying for things you can't really afford."
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