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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
To be fair, I don't think you can really blame this behavior on cell phones, because (at least as I remember) it was about as common before there even were cell phones.
However before 2008 or so I remember people being capable of turning their steering wheel and passing me on a 4 lane road when the other lane is empty, since everyone discovered cell phones up here in the sticks, around that time it seems like people get mad at my driving the minimum on a 4-6 lane road without any traffic as they sit behind me for no reason.

I never recall having a problem with people almost ramming me before 2008, had one lady fishtail her boxlike vehicle behind me going 90 as I was flashing the 4ways with it to the floor on a 4 lane highway. She almost contacted me despite her slamming on the brakes while I had my car buried in the floorboards for what seemed like eons.
I saw her from a long way coming and figured she would simply turn into the other lane, once that seemed likely incorrect, stomped on it but her sheer speed was impossible to match as I rounded over 80 with her still coming fast.

I watch whats going on behind me more than in front of me now days since people seem to just lock the wheel and pedal and block the front window, figuring there isn't anything in front of them to be mindfull of for minutes at a time.
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