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How to delete rear wiper and motor for Honda Insight

I decided to do this quick mod for aero reasons, I had been running without a rear wiper for a while and decided to finish the job, and for a little weight reduction. I didn't know how heavy it was going to be but hey, its unnecessary weight so even if it is just a pound I figured it would be worth it.

Thanks to NoD~ for teaching me how to do this mod.

1. First things first is to remove the wiper arm.

To do this simply pop up the plastic cover at the base and unscrew the nut that is holding the arm down. After the bolt is loosened and off just pull straight up and the wiper arm will come off. It was on really tight for me and i needed to use a flathead to lift it off just a little but it came off

2. Remove the bolt that is under the wiper arm.

Not sure what size bolt this is. I used an adjustable spanner wrench and it was quite easy to remove.

3. Remove inside back panel to reveal the wiper motor

There are two little plastic pins that you need to get off, be sure not to break them as they are hard to come by. After the pins are removed it is a little tough to get this body piece off but just pull towards the front of the car and wiggle it and it will come eventually.

If you do break the clips they are available here: 8mm 40 Pcs / Pack Nylon Bumper Fender Flare Mud Flaps Guard Fastener Rivet Clips

4. Remove the motor

Now that the wiper motor is visible there will be three 10mm bolts that you need to remove so you can remove the wiper motor. After the bolts are removed simply unplug the motor and tuck the plug attached to the car away.

5. Plug the hole

When plugging the hole i reused the rubber gasket that came on the car and placed a 5/16th x 1-1/2" washer on either side with a 1/4-20 x 2-1/2" screw going threw the middle and tightened it down pretty good to make sure it was going to be water tight. Putting silicone around the screw head is also advised to make sure it is all water tight. I got black spray paint with the intent of making it look more OEM but when it was on i didn't think it looks bad enough to spray it.

6. Replace the body panel and be done.

Just reverse what you did taking the panel off and you are done!

This will only take about 10-25 minutes depending on your skill level and will be pretty straight forward.

There will be some drag reduction but what that is i don't know. The drag reduction will most likely be minimal but it could also give a mpg or two. I would love it if somebody could do some real testing on this to see if there are any noticeable mpg gains from it.

Total cost: $2.12
Weight reduction: 2 lb 11 oz
CD Reduction: Unknown

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