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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
I'd be real interested in seeing true a-b-a testing for this mod since so many guys do it (if it's even possible to measure). I'm all about aero mods, but this one has has always had me skeptical.

I doubt that the aero benefit and the weight saving combined is even measureable in real world driving conditions, since the arm is mounted vertically and the motor/arm assembly is relatively light. Seems like the savings would be measured in hundredths of a mpg, I don't even know how it would be possible to realistically measure it.

Somebody prove me wrong, cause I'm interested.

Then again, if you sold the wiper motor/arm assembly, you'd have enough gas money to drive that Insight across the country for free!
I am also a skeptic on how much fuel this would save. I would love seeing one of the more seasoned ecomodder testers do some testing on it to see if it is measurable.

It seems like it would cause a little bit of turbulence with the air going over the back. But again, i don't know how much that would be and it may have no measurable improvement at all.

To me, it is simply an unnecessary part that could be causing some drag so why not get rid of it? I plan on selling the whole assembly if anybody needs/wants it since it is still in perfect working order.
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