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I also see where they quickly said the radar identified the truck as an overhead sign. Seems to me they probably knew that because they have had problems in testing with braking being applied when going under bridges and overhead signs. So they probably had to "tune" it out some. Obviously a little too much as a 3' high sign or bridge should not be tuned out.
This also makes me question how well it will do in the rain, and snow, or with animals and darkness. I personally will brake if a deer is standing on the side of the road, does this car? I doubt it, as it will then brake for all kinds of things on the side of the road. Does the car know the habits of whitetail deer compared to a mailbox like a human does?
They need to stop calling it autopilot. with autopilot the pilot could pass out and the plane can go to it's destination and land itself just as well as the pilot could. Most crashes are from the pilots ignoring what the plane is telling them to do (besides bombs and missiles that is). This is just adaptive cruise control.
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