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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Does the car know the habits of whitetail deer compared to a mailbox like a human does?
Not just deer, either. Hereabouts there are also wild horses, antelope, open-range cattle, the occasional bear, and various other critters that I haven't personally encountered. All of them have different reactions to oncoming traffic.

....with autopilot the pilot could pass out and the plane can go to it's destination and land itself just as well as the pilot could.
Not true. Your basic autopilot system is very much like cruise control: it holds altitude, speed, and heading. What you're perhaps thinking of is an autoland system: In fact, there have been cases where a plane's crew was incapacitated due to sudden depressurization, and the plane just continued on the preset course under autopilot until it ran out of fuel. There was one such case a few years ago involving a well-known (to those who follow golf, if not to me) pro golfer.

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