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Greetings from west Texas

I own a small hotshot/delivery business. I started making a 520 mile round trip run once a week. I was making this run in my 2002 Ford F-150. Just to make the miles pass a little quicker one day, I decided to monitor my FE. 18MPG. OUCH! So, I slowed down (one stretch has an 80 MPH posted limit) to 70, added cruise, started drafting and ran without A/C. All this got me to just shy of a miserable 20 MPG. Dang! Now what?

Suddenly, on the 8th trip it hit me. Out of all 8 trips, I only actually NEEDED my truck once. All the other times, the stuff I was carrying would fit in the passenger seat.

Off I went in search of a hatchback that could fill the role of delivery vehicle and still carry passengers when it wasn't working. The first one found was a Metro. Nice but no A/C. With local temperatures of 115 degrees possible, I wanted to be able to cool off at least some of the time. Next, I found the car I would buy. It's a lime green 2005 Chevy Aveo Hatchback.

I know the Aveo doesn't lend itself to super high mileage but the 34 mpg at 70 MPH (with mods) average that I get is way better than the truck got. It's saving me about 10.75 gallons each trip.

I started at 28 MPG. My mods are, Tires inflated to 45 psi (2 mpg gain), Iridium plugs (1 mpg gain), Synthetic oil (3 mpg gain), CAI (no gain), removed rear spoiler (no gain but it got quieter inside) a new Cruise control (untested) and a scanguageII (untested).

Driving habit changes have had me as high as 38 mpg.

I'm still looking for better. The gearing (manual Trans) of the Aveo makes the FE start to fall off at anything over 50mph. Time is of the essence on the run so 50mph isn't possible. Other times I'm driving like Granny.

Thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

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