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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Of course Honda has always been since day one about providing an affordable way for the common man to get where he is going with the different Postie bikes and monkey bikes that people in less developed nations use to survive.
Agree with all you've stated and wish I were wired in a way that I'd tinker with my CTX700 and could have come to the AMA event with my bike streamlined, because, evidentially 100 mpg in a stock 670 cc bike with 47 hp at the wheel and tucking did not seem to get anyone that makes commentary about these events to even pause and question the assumptions they've made about maximizing mpg on PTWs. The narrative always seems to be one should show up with limited hp and a specific body shape and that little else matters. I really like what Fred did with his bike where the body was streamlined differently, requiring that he tuck during the events (not the Vetter prescription) and then he'd have 30-35 horsepower available (also not prescribed), but yet he'd most-often win.

I think that if I had chosen Honda's 250 available at the time of my purchase, instead of the CTX700; I'd Likely be averaging above 90 in my commutes and I wonder how the newer 300 or the previous 250 would do in a challenge versus a Kawasaki. I'd put my money on a Honda, but I guess we'll never know. I don't regret my choice in the CTX, as I love the mid-range power of the CTX, and the comfort level. My last tank came in at 79. It does really well during the hot summer months, but really drops when I start facing cool mornings. Fred Hayes told me it was because Honda must have designed it to run too lean, and he said he was surprised that they designed it that way.
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