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Yeah, what drew me to it in part is the front end which actually looks more aerodynamic than any truck Detroit made for the next 50 years!

The curve radii' are good and the whole front end is quite curved in plan view (like modern Euro vans with 0.31-0.33Cd's). The cab roof radius is also good. I quite like the idea of doing a vintage looking camper shell based on the teardrop camper craze. Rear wheel skirts are of course period correct Will be interesting to coast down test.

Really confusing myself on what to do with it.

My ultimate goal was to buy an Art Morrison (etc) chassis, Vette suspension and gearbox and swap the body, keeping it looking original/ going rat rod but having a sports car underneath I think that set up could top 30mpg too.

Problem with that is then why start with an original truck?

The alternative is to keep the Flathead (which does kind of make the truck), the sensible power limit for one is ~140hp, which would do me OK. I've found some evidence on the forums that a Flattie can be run on LPG so that's looking like the first major mod. Accounting for the lower BTU's in LPG, it works out to be 30c/ litre cheaper but mainly interested in it for it's low toxicity burn (that V8 up front stinks out the cab at the moment), no doubt it needs some gaskets though. The LPG tank will go behind the rear axle so help weight distribution.

Any input to running LPG/ Propane on this engine is welcome.

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