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Anytime you have unburnt fuel going out the tailpipe, there is room for improvement. My old 98 diesel probably leaves more potential in that area than newer cars, but no engine is perfect burn. More sophisticated control might be able to squeeze something out of the waste. Hho research might lead to something we can use. I'm not willing to dismiss it as unicorn.

My apologies to aeromod guys. I love reading about the great gains to be had in that area. An earlier statement came out sounding more insulting than I intended. Alot of cynical people on have slammed lpg fumigation hard the same way. They always site btu content and price per gallon and it can't work. What they don't realise is there is something else going on besides dumping another fuel in. I've read about a lot of success stories and have run it in my truck long enough to know it's doing some good. I can't quantity it yet beyond my mileage logs. When I get it dialed, I'll be able to post some numbers and share the details for others to build similar systems, without the trial and error.