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Originally Posted by acparker View Post
the subject of hydrogen or hho injection, as well as in-vehicle production of hydrogen is not.
Look Man, It Is Utter CRAP. You can NOT produce hydrogen in-vehicle and use it to create a more efficient vehicle. That is the definition of perpetual motion.

It's like wondering why we don't just hook up an electric generator to our rear wheels to power the motor on the front wheels. Would you really think that is a subject for serious discussion???? The small efficiency gains you might achieve by injecting HHO can never overcome the huge inefficiency to create the HHO.

In my previous post I posted that the energy alone required to electolyze water into HHO would result in a 8 MPG loss in efficiency. That is a real scientific fact, it requires a lot of electricity to produce HHO, that energy has to come from somewhere.

The amount of HHO in relation to the fuel stream ends up being 250 to 1. So if you can explain how it is even remotely possible that 1 part in 250 can result in any measurable improvement in the combustion efficiency. I'd love to hear it.

How does the 1 red dot make the other 250 work that much better???

Seriously, we're not stupid. If this had any chance of working I'd see it and be all for it. It has No Chance. It's a moronic pipe dream.

I have no doubt whatsoever that HHO improves the combustion efficiency. Get that? I agree HHO will help improve the engines efficiency.

It's just that you need too much energy to produce an effective amount of HHO, and the energy to create it far exceeds the additional energy output it creates. You can talk all the gibberish you want till you're blue in the face, it will not overcome basic facts.
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