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Impressive build, i'm really enjoying this thread.

As far as swapping the axles out, my first thought would be to use a rwd transfer case with a very mild low range (~2:1) and no front driveshaft. With your current tire size, 5th gear, and rear gear, a ~2:1 low range would have you doing about 2000rpm @ 55 mph, which sounds ideal for towing since you'll have abundant torque and probably not want to go much faster anyway. I'm not sure how this would fit under the car, but without a front driveshaft to worry about you could probably rotate it to suit with a little work. Seems like a more permanent solution than a 'theoretically quick'-change rearend. If you only used it rarely you wouldn't even need to make the shifter very convenient. Even jacking up the car and shifting the T-case by hand would be less effort than a rearend change, by far. I know you've already considered this but unless it requires a completely different main case for the nv3500 or major floorboard mods, it seems like the simplest long-term solution to me.

I'm also curious if you've recorded any highway travel with no P&G or EOC and what it does under more or less 'normal' steady-state highway driving?

Thanks for sharing this build!

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