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Tesla X and Autopilot, still blind?

Tesla's semi-autonomous Autopilot gets into another crash. A Tesla Model X in Montana veered suddenly, crashed driving through wooden posts/guardrails and went off road, it totaled the front passenger side tearing off the side and front wheel. Both Model X occupants are shaken but safe.
Tesla doesn’t recommend to use the Autosteer feature of the Autopilot on a road without a center divider and since the release of the 7.1 software update, it limits the speed of the system to the speed limit of the road plus an additional 5 mph. The driver may not have heeded this autopilot instruction. It seems the system is not 'aware' of older lane markers. The Autosteer feature may not enough data about older wood fencing/railing and/or it may have disengaged the system.
Elon Musk emphasizes that the Autopilot system is still in its beta stage and that Tesla needs to record 1 BILLION miles of Autopilot testing data before the system can be 'finalized'.
The PR of this 'testing' stage and company stock value are taking a serious beating.

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