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I really like this driver design; What do you think of this idea:

replace the ATTiny with a triple inverter: ( i really don't have anything against them; I'd just like to make things a bit simpler by reducing the number of microcontrollers...)

The main "heartbeat" signal from the DSPIC would still exist as one 50% duty cycle 62.5kHz signal. This would go to the driver boards where an inverter would be in the place of the ATTiny. The inverter I found has the same pin count and the same pin locations for VCC and GND. The inverter would act like a buffer for one of the drivers and invert the second. The inverter I found only has between 1.7 and 3 nS propogation delay, which is like 1/16 of a degree phase angle.

The inverter is a NXP Semiconductors 74LVC3GU04DP


- Eclipse

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
One possible guess is with the 165degree out of phase, it could get a DC bias going in the line filter, and maybe the line filter saturates, which would drastically reduce the inductance and makes the current coming from the driver too high.
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