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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
What I find more remarkable is that there aren't more serious accidents considering human tendency to get comfortable relying on automated systems.

I wonder if there is any obvious audio and visual indication when autopilot is disengaged? Perhaps autopilot should show a confidence % in it's ability to distinguish road boundaries, and inform the driver when the confidence drops below a certain threshold.

There have been several major airline crashes that were the result of a pilot accidentally bumping the steering column hard enough to disengage the autopilot, failing to notice the audible and visual notice that autopilot had disengaged, and then getting disoriented when taking manual control.

I wonder if autopilot on the Tesla is similar in that it disengages when the steering wheel is bumped too hard, or a brake pedal is accidentally tapped?
Too bad all of these scenarios have not been accounted for. Somehow have gradual slowdown, limp-home safety mode and proper warning/alarm signals, when the Autopilot is compromised and automatically disengaged - for any reason. Maybe Tesla has these systems but still, human error is always unaccounted for.
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