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Originally Posted by NoD~ View Post
I've been waiting for these headlights to go on sale before I dropped the cash on them...

And today, cooincidentily on "Prime Day", they dropped $20! So I grabbed them, plus all new lights for the headlights assemblies (so turns and all the marker lights... I replaced the marker lights with cheap LEDs originally, but was wanting to replace them soon anyways.) I also got the resistors to change out the relay bar so no hyper blink. Hopefully that works.
when I go to the link it says they won't fit me car (2000 Insight)

The rest wasn't on sale, but if I'm going to drop the bumper to get to the headlights and turns, I might as well get it all done in one shot!

Otherwise, waiting on a hookup for a 5' x 1' sheet of aluminum to complete the exhaust cover. I need to get a 3' x 3' piece of chloroplast to get the rear buttoned up, then the belly will be as aerodynamic as I can get it!

Oh, one last bit of good news is that Darkfish (on seems to be making the plug-and-play FAS module again, so hopefully that will be in my short-term future.
Same here on the Darkfish PnP FAS module
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