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Rusty Lugs.....when are you going to stop spouting crap and talk numbers???? Volumes, flowrates, currents, power, energy needed to electrolyze the water....Show us how the HHO can be generated onboard the vehicle economically enough, and improve the efficiency enough to make any kind of efficiency gains.

Quit talking around this with stupid bits and pieces of data that happen to favor your point of view but completely neglect the big picture.

I'm seriously starting to wonder about what, if anything you really know.

Numbers Rusty.......Not the random unverifiable stuff from your last few posts.


Or are you just completely full of crap and still think you can bamboozle us here?


You have yet to even verify what the 230 cc number you used is based on per unit of time. (God help you if you say that it is per second)(That would be fricken miraculous) And you have yet to say where the 10 amps was read from.
What is the AFR of this 22HP engine? Is it running just normal gasoline? Show us how it using 10 amps at 14 volts will create 230CC per ? of HHO.

You just mentioned a Daihatsu CB90 engine....was the CB90 alternator running to produce the HHO it was consuming? Was it able to drive down the road at 28:1 or did it just sit there idling?

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