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How about a little bet?

Let's put up or shut up?

Anyone who thinks RustyLugNut is absolutely bonkers and cannot produce enough HHO to economically affect an engine using alternator power, sign up down below in the thanks button area.

When work slows down this fall, I'll do my best to do a build that will be beyond what most Ecomodders can do , but should be understandable in principle.

If I produce even a single percent digit gain, all of you line up at next years Green Grand Prix and receive your Scarlet Letter of shame.

If I can't produce, I still have to show up since I plan to run our car there. I'll take the shame I'm due. I won't fail of course, but I'll make the offer anyways.

So how about it Chaz, T_Vago? Anyone else think they really know what they know?
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