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Where to start on a Suzuki SX4?

Hi Folks,

I have been lurking here forever, but now I have something to talk about.

For various reasons I just gave up my 2004 Honda Civic Coupe. It reliably gave me 35-40 mpg (winter vs summer) in dead stock configuration. I have taken a big step backwards with the purchase of a 2013 Suzuki SX4 crossover (hatchback 4WD). According to the gas mileage meter it averages 26 mpg.

I want to get at least some of that mpg back.

My new rig came with only snow tires, so LRR tires are the first consideration. I have read reviews and reviews, but I'm wondering what your real world experience is.

Beyond that, I'm thinking aero mods, but with this particular tall, blocky hatchback I'm not sure where to start.

Removing the two fore-and-aft cargo rails on the roof is a possibility, but tricky to make it look good and to make it so I can use a roof rack in the future.

What say you, Eco-modders? Baby moons? Air dam? Wheel pants? Kamm back? I'm good with metal and plastic fab and I have a reasonably well equipped shop, so don't be shy. I'd like to end up with a prioritized list in terms of bang for the buck/effort.

Many thanks.


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