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Originally Posted by bhtooefr View Post
In automatic vehicles, stop-start tech means that there's a delay for the vehicle to begin moving (to start the engine) when lifting off the brake pedal. That could be very, very disconcerting to someone used to how automatics drive. (Note that most hybrids (the ones capable of moving under solely electric power) are another story, as they can begin rolling under electric power immediately.)

Manuals, it's actually less intrusive - the engine stops when you put it in neutral and lift off the clutch, and restarts when you press the clutch pedal. So, by the time you've got 1st engaged, and you're releasing the clutch, the engine should be running.
I dunno about that, in my experience with German cars I've sat in or driven, the engine starts extremely fast, and it starts if you slightly let off the brake, so in practice the engine is already spinning by the time your foot is off the brake, and the car is already moving forward.
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