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Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
And your work is still nothing more then electrons in the ether.
Only a HHO true believer would make such a ridiculous statement.

Every single thing I did to my vehicles, is a validation of work that OTHERS have made.

Can you point to anything to support your HHO claims, like I can point to the works of bondo and aerohead and Hucho to describe why my aerocap (or my aero wheels covers) works?

Can you point to anything to support your HHO claims, like I can point to major vehicle and parts manufacturers to describe why my electrohydraulic power steering pump saves gas?

Can you point to anything to support your HHO claims, like I can point to work done right here at to describe why my coolant-based intake air heater works?

Look at my three vehicles below -> all of that "HYPERMILER" green stuff isn't wishful thinking, and it is due a lot more to mechanical and styling modifications, than it is due to driving skills.

You can't even say that much.

Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
I'm willing to let people see and test. Will your work meet scrutiny? I'm willing to bet mine will. Real scrutiny.
If this were true, you'd post pictures and a description of your setup.

You'd describe all of the components you'd have used to make your HHO generation apparatus.

You'd describe the operating conditions necessary to generate the required amount of HHO to support your claims.

You'd quantify the amount of fuel you'd have saved using your HHO apparatus.

Of course, we both know the answer to that one, don't we?

Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
If you are near the Green Grand Prix, I can make a small detour and meet up. I can do the same for T_Vago and Ivehjk since they are on the way.
You speak in generalities about your HHO contraption, without anything to back it up, and you expect us to just believe you. You then get into a hissy fit when people like me question your honesty and integrity.

There's but one way to stop this. Post your results. Show us your HHO system. LET us have the opportunity to duplicate your work.

But you can't do that, can you? It's not a matter of pride talking, or worries that people will still doubt your claims even after you have done so. After all, if you could save any meaningful amount of fuel with your HHO setup, and you could back it up, you'd have done so by now. Your real evidence would have the effect of shutting up people who would continue to trash HHO.

You simply CANNOT produce any real evidence required here, because IT DOESN'T EXIST.

Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
And I'll race you for pinks on your magnum. Since you think I don't really have one or think I can't force the 4 cylinder mode at will your precious car must be well safe from loss?
I know you really don't have a Magnum R/T. You are unable to describe anything you have done to modify it, just like you are unable to describe how your HHO setup works, or how you put together your HHO setup. My own 6-speed Magnum is safe from you. It was never in any danger to begin with.

I'm perfectly willing to bet that if you were to somehow provide a VIN of this Magnum R/T that you supposedly own, we here on EcoModder would find that it was actually for a salvage auction vehicle that is now parted out. You simply can't post even that much information about your Magnum R/T, simply because it does not exist. You know, like your evidence that supports HHO.

Your claim, of being able to save any meaningful amount of fuel using HHO, is as fantastic as all of your talk about non-disclosure agreements with regard to your paid job that just so conveniently supports your ridiculous claims.

I thought it was particularly funny that you'd claim that major retail store chains would actually use your imaginary devices to save on fuel. Unlike, for instance, boattails and wheel covers, which actually DO work and that major trucking companies actually USE.

In the end, you can't post anything to back up your HHO claims. Your evidence simply does not exist.
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