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Why don't you demand courtesy from any and all topics?

I say this to the mods and the long time members of this forum.

The fact that HHO scammers deal in Unicorn Stuff doesn't mean the topic in and of itself is utterly without value.

The fact that any mention of HHO results in the right to bash a poster or sidetrack a thread makes it difficult to even lay the groundwork to show there is merit in limited applications. If I want to pursue investigation into those limited applications I don't need the thread filled with the continuous arguments that do not apply. Arguments such as "you can't run on water", "you will never make enough HHO to run your vehicle" or "you can't make enough HHO to fuel your car", are not even the points in discussion but, they continue to cascade down flooding the logic of the thread. If I say there is basic chemical pathways to make it work on a limited basis, then please discuss the chemistry and not demand numbers for numbers sake or some such.

Other topics such as tribology of nano lubricants gets smothered because there are salesmen pitching them. But they do have merit and are worth looking into. But they have much the same stigma and thus get the same treatment as such and thus no posters even consider them.

These areas become holes in the ecomodder knowledge base.

I am not without fault when it comes to these arguments, but frustration is pretty much the norm with the usual outcomes if one tries to even broach such subjects on these forums.

I get that I don't "have pictures and logs". Is that the basis to be entered into the gentleman's club? If that is the case, I can provide pictures and logs. I have doubts that, that will be enough for some. Thus, my offer to meet at the Green Grand Prix.

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