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With regard to treating members with courtesy, with regard to a given topic: You, RustyLugNut, burned that bridge with me two years ago.

You, RustyLugNut, treated my topic of EGR with tactics that you claimed that people treat anything regarding HHO.

You, RustyLugNut, deliberately misconstrued my data and drew false conclusions, and littered my EGR thread with them.

You, RustyLugNut, appeared not to listen to anything I had to say on the matter of EGR, but you did do a fine job of doing personal attacks.

You, RustyLugNut, even mentioned as much with your supposed "apology" thread. Here, let me quote it for you:

Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
Apologies first of all to T Vago for the thread jack. It is a good sound build. And I used it as an example of what happens when extemporaneous and unthoughtful postings are interjected into a thread.

I am not one to engage in flippant repartee or vulgar banter, but even without that approach, I can be very damaging.

The first thing to remember is, it is T Vago's thread and respect must be given to his train of thought as well as to his standing as the author.

So, what do I do? I undermine his authority as the original poster (OP). I make veiled or direct references to his lack of understanding of the subject and continually do so throughout. This is a basic tactic of arguments whether consciously done or not.

Next I attack his train of thought by simply arguing point after point, nit-picking around the edges, waxing pedantic about the smallest points, obfuscating his original intent. It has the same effect of burying a thread in stupid postings.

Then I jump to conclusions. I lead the reader off the path by making an ending that may be plausible or not but has not been reached by the OP's build.

And I continuously needle the OP to get a reaction. Making him uncomfortable and defensive.

Does any of this seem familiar to you? It should, because this is exactly what happens to pretty much any build that starts here in the Corral.
The point is, RustyLugNut, is that you did all of the behaviors you claimed to abhor, then you fall back on "victim status" when things don't go your way.

I do also like the fact, RustyLugNut, that you deleted your crap posts out of my thread, in a dishonest attempt to cover your tracks. However, you will of course notice that you can't delete the material I quoted.

Let's get one thing clear: The meaningful discussion and exchange of ideas to improve fuel economy is harmed by all of the behaviors that YOU YOURSELF, RustyLugNut, exhibited.

For reference, here is your "apology" thread, RustyLugNut -> EcoModder.Com: This is in reference to the EGR build that T Vago was presenting.

And here's my thread that you shat all over -> EcoModder.Com: EGR experiment (Increase EGR flow for fuel economy)
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