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Originally Posted by t vago View Post
With regard to treating members with courtesy, with regard to a given topic: You, RustyLugNut, burned that bridge with me two years ago.

You, RustyLugNut, treated my topic of EGR with tactics that you claimed that people treat anything regarding HHO.

You, RustyLugNut, deliberately misconstrued my data and drew false conclusions, and littered my EGR thread with them.

You, RustyLugNut, appeared not to listen to anything I had to say on the matter of EGR, but you did do a fine job of doing personal attacks.

You, RustyLugNut, even mentioned as much with your supposed "apology" thread. Here, let me quote it for you:

The point is, RustyLugNut, is that you did all of the behaviors you claimed to abhor, then you fall back on "victim status" when things don't go your way.

I do also like the fact, RustyLugNut, that you deleted your crap posts out of my thread, in a dishonest attempt to cover your tracks. However, you will of course notice that you can't delete the material I quoted.

Let's get one thing clear: The meaningful discussion and exchange of ideas to improve fuel economy is harmed by all of the behaviors that YOU YOURSELF, RustyLugNut, exhibited.

For reference, here is your "apology" thread, RustyLugNut -> EcoModder.Com: This is in reference to the EGR build that T Vago was presenting.

And here's my thread that you shat all over -> EcoModder.Com: EGR experiment (Increase EGR flow for fuel economy)
I OFFERED myself as the example of such horrid behavior. Do you not understand that? I chose your thread because you do an excellent job of producing valuable information. I expected you to be miffed and stand your ground and it should have been a perfect example of bad behavior in a valuable thread. People did learn from it and there was considerably less buffoonery. I do not apologize for that. I do apologize for using you as an example. Your work is admirable, and if you do not know that in your own being, I can't help that.

But, maybe I should follow in the footsteps of pgfPro and step away from this forum. Cutting edge topics was what this forum used to be about at it's inception. This forum has lost it's focus what with the low cost of fuel and the failure of the AutoXprize. I can always disseminate my work in another format. But, this forum has lost, and will lose valuable members if there continues to be a knee jerk reaction to certain topics only because it has proven to be volatile in the past. Our membership has shrunk to only the most avid of hobbyists, but that should not stop us from at least placing the offending topic in the Coral and kindly telling the poster to have at it. I do not consider thermochemistry a coral topic, but if electro-mechanical proof is needed then, there it stays until I bring you that proof. I offer to experiment and show firsthand the work. Along the way, I expect enough restraint from the opposition such that the information can be disseminated in a logical manner.

It takes a big man to take a blow. It takes a bigger man to forgive the blow. What kind of man are you?

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