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The mods are right, it is like a political fight.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
HHO believers are cancer to the DIY fuel economy improvement community.
However, all I'm asking is the right to produce a logical discussion without the interjection of the rabble. I am willing to prove that HHO does NOT work as the salesmen claim as well as any small gains that can be found in specific applications. Is that not worth some discussion?

Otherwise, you are relegating this forum to the dark ages mentality that all there is to know is known.

Keep it in the coral if you must, but be open enough to admit honest research and questioning. Otherwise, we have what we see repeatedly in any HHO related thread . . . nothing of value.

I put out the basic chemical reality that a small seeding of hydrogen and oxygen can affect the combustion profile ( water vapor too). If you have anything to say about that, please reply on topic whether you are for or against or maybe. If you don't have the chemistry background then don't post. Simple. Once we have established that possibility, ChazInMT's question about producing it on board via electrolysis from the alternator becomes relevant. Can an exceedingly small volume of electrolytically produced gas affect the combustion? I say it can as I have done some work in the past that shows it is possible with certain caveats. 140 watts maximum. Less power than some folks car stereos. And as the engine warms, some of the wasted engine heat in the coolant can be used to reduce that wattage to the electrolysis device. Now, all I have to do is redo the work I did almost 20 years ago and do a proof on a gasoline powered vehicle. This will take time and effort for no reason other than to prove how HHO will not work, and how it can work in a narrow way.

Now, when the HHO scammers come trotting in, or some visitor with an honest inquiry to the subject, then we as a forum have an answer that is definite and authoritative. Otherwise, it stays a political issue instead of a technical. It should be a technical answer. It either doesn't work, does, or kinda does.

That is all I am offering and all I require is some semblance of order when the topic arises.

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