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This is true.

Originally Posted by ME_Andy View Post
I think you're onto something. It's about low fuel prices, and electric cars, and new vehicles that are actually decently engineered- well enough that the home mechanic can't improve much without going too extreme.
For the average person.

But, ecomodders are different. We have to fool with things. We have a natural inquisitiveness that makes us what we are. If we weren't fooling with ecomodding our cars, we would find something else.

The next generation may be more equipped to deal with modern cars. I just met a young man in my son's band. He is a mechanic by day. He talks about programming and electronics like he was an EE. I was impressed at his breath of knowledge until I realized, he grew up in this environment. I took classes for a degree in EE back 30 years ago. He grew up with it! He claims most any car can be re-tuned for better performance and economy. I'm going to have to take him up on that claim.
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