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Sure, but why not?

Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...and, such "re-programmings" are exactly *WHY* both OEM and EPA are NOT happy with owners doing such's too easy for them to: (a) defeat / circumvent EPA emissions (ala' VW) and (b) cause damage to engines while STILL under either factory warranty and/or EPA-mandated emissions warranty!
Almost none of the aero-mods are legal "by the book" definitions. I've been stopped for having zip ties holding my license plate in place.

You can get exemptions for research vehicles used on-road. Schools and universities get it all the time. I have several such vehicles. Perfectly legal if you file your paperwork properly and state your work goals and procedures. Locally, we deal with the AQMD which supersedes the EPA office. Your locality may have a different set of official loops to jump through.

And thanks for that good post. Posts such as this is all I ask.

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