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This is awesome! We just sold our 94 Roadmaster Estate Wagon. It replaced a 2004 Tahoe that only got 17 MPG freeway, but would actually get 12-13 towing.

The only long freeway trip we took with the Roadmaster without trailer we got a best tank of 20.9 MPG. But that was doing 80 through Utah and Idaho. Ours had the 2.93 towing gears which didn't help FE any, and no mods other than a tune up and removing the roof rack cross bars.

Did the S10 steering gear help the massive front end wander? Between the loose steering, and the massive rear overhang which made towing 5500 lbs a white knuckle ride we sold the trailer then the Roadmaster.

If you do decide to tow close to 5000 lbs you should firm up the rear suspension, a Panhard bar would be a great addition.

Now you make me want another, but u should instead see if we can get our Mercedes e320 wagon over 30MPG.
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