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Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
the small Waste Vegetable Oil contracts are getting dumped as the WVO crowd is leaving the scene as their old Mercedes are dying off. I am getting a call every week it seems to take some small restaurants oil. I already have contracts that provide volumes of oil I can barely use. These small restaurants are caught in a hard place as many larger recyclers will not pick up sub 50 gallon loads. The owners don't want to drive to the recycler to drop off the oill and still have to pay for the disposal!
With so many small businesses wanting to get rid of their WVO there, I might have been just born in the wrong country it seems. Anyway, many small restaurants and snackbars in my country send their waste cooking oils and greases to soap factories, mostly because the biodiesel market is quite limited here and the ethanol lobby is strong.
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