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Wish I had a lid that would fit your S10. Your truck would be a great test bed. Since I am not much help there, maybe I can lend some advice on some possible ways to build your lid.

One method that was crafty was a cap one guy built for his pickup made from aluminum and clear plasitic, (polycarbonate). He sent me some pics some months ago which I cannot find now. He built a subframe out of aluminum angle and thin aluminum bar stock which he bolted and pop riveted together. He then fastened the polycarbonate clear plastic sheeting over the framework. It was sturdy and mostly transparent. I will continue to look for the pictures he sent and if I find them I will send them to you.

You need to plan building your aero cap. Don't be afraid to attempt it for if an uneducated country boy like me can do it, anyone can. Determine what materials you want to use. Fiberglass is messy and dangerous. If you chose these materials if I can afford you any advice I will be glad to. Once you have chosen you materials figure a construction plan and draw it out. Take measurements of your truck bed and in your design figure out how you are going to fasten the cap to your truck bed. This is very important, for at high speeds there are alot of aerodynamic forces exerted upon the cap. An aero type cap creates alot of lift we found out in the wind tunnel tests. Makes sense, it is like an airfoil with the air moving faster over the top which creates lift. I like to think the extra lift counters the added weight of the aerocap itself.

Make sure you use fasteners which will not vibrate loose. Ground vehicles shake alot as you know. That is why I think the aluminum sub structure and clear polycarbonate (which comes in opaque colors, 1/8 inch thick polycarbonate sheet would be fine, you will have have to brace it up quite a bit with your sub structure for polycarbonate is a thermoformable plastic and the hot sun may make it sag) would be a good choice for you can pop rivet the frame together which is less likely to vibrate loose like a bolt will. If you use bolts, always use nylon lock nuts for they stay put.

I would use the clamps (which are made for clamping caps to truck beds) to fasten the cap to the bed. I have four I will donate to you for the cause if you need them.

If I can be of any more assistance, please fell free to contact me. If I can ever lend anyone else some advice on the construction methodologies I have been lucky enough to have been shown by others in the past, I do not mind returning the favor.

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